Theologically Singing


Over more than 30 years I have grown up in the Christian church, attending Baptist, Presbyterian, and Anglican churches. Each church had its own style of “worship” music, and each church most likely differs from other churches that attest to the same denomination. Music is too loud here, too banjo-y there. The words are too old-fashioned here, too “Jesus is my boyfriend” there. No matter what, there is always room found to criticise a denomination or church’s style of music and their choice of songs.

Without excusing myself from such activities — because I surely have participated in such activities — I’m going to try something new. Many songs are dismissed as being “not theologically correct” or “not Biblical”. In most instances, I disagree. But why do I disagree?

This series of posts will aim to, song by song, link the lyrics back to the Biblical truths I suspect they are based on. I will not be attacking or seeking to find flaws, I’m simply expecting to find God in each of the songs I study.


Theologically Singing: