Studies in Ephesians


Studying the Bible is one of the greatest gifts God has given His people, and within that, Paul’s letter to the church in and around the city of Ephesus is one of my favourite letters for how it has so often spoken to me. ‘Studies in Ephesians’ is my attempt to share, in written form, those lessons and promises that God has revealed to me in my studies through this magnificent book.


#1 — Ephesians, Christianity 101
#2 — Welcome to Ephesus
#3 — Paul, Villain turned Hero

Ephesians 1:3-14

#4 — Blessed in Christ
#5 — Blessed and Chosen
#6 — Blessed and Redeemed
#7 — Blessed and Reunited in Christ
#8 — Blessed to Praise God
#9 — Blessed and Sealed in the Holy Spirit

Ephesians: 1:15-3:21

#10 — Knowing More of God
#11 — Jesus Over All
#12 — But God
#13 — He Also
#14 — By Grace