The Media’s Double Standards When It Comes to the Bible "The Canaanites Survived!!!" "Yes, we know."


As a writer, I am often writing much more than is publicly visible. Every now and again I write articles which are passed over by those publications I submit them to, which in turn allows me to publish them here. Hopefully, they can still be of value. 

Give the non-conservative media a chance to lash out at the Bible and they’ll jump on the chance like a herd of sharks scenting blood in the water. At this point it’s become more unusual for a major non-conservative publication or outlet to portray the Bible in an unbiased manner, than it is to see the Bible ridiculed, condemned, and attacked.

In a day and age where all and sundry accuse specific conservative media outlets of highly biased political viewpoints (read: Fox News, et al), those same outlets will happily skew the truth if there’s the slightest opportunity to undermine the Bible.

Late last month, scientists in the UK from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute published the results of a whole-genome study of ancient human bones from the Near East, believed to be the remains of 4,000-year-old Canaanites. The researchers then compared those findings with present-day populations and found that present-day Lebanese are virtually all direct descendants of the ancient Canaanites.

It’s legitimately fascinating news, and as a Christian myself, I was stoked to again see the Bible’s accuracy proven through archaeological findings – by no means the first time this has happened, and by no means the last.

Unfortunately, you’d be hard-pressed to find a mainstream news outlet which was willing to accurately reflect this (The Washington Post was a noticeable exception). A brief (but depressing) survey of news outlets from around the world covering the results of this archaeological discovery reveals what appears to be a deep-seated hatred for the Bible and an active attempt to spread mistruths to back up that hatred.

Yes, Deuteronomy 20:17 depicts God instructing the Israelites to “completely destroy them—the Hittite, Amorite, Canaanite, Perizzite, Hivite, and Jebusite”, and yes, the book of Joshua depicts the Israelites invading Canaan and wiping out whole cities and regions. If you want to discuss the idea that God was a “genocidal maniac” then we can have that discussion; it’s a worthwhile discussion to have, though reading the whole of the Bible, in its proper context, and without a pre-existing bias will prove that idea to be patently false.

But nowhere in the Bible does it say that the Israelites successfully wiped out the Canaanites. In fact, Judges 1:27-36 explicitly states that the Israelites failed in their task, choosing instead to live among the Canaanites, occasionally forcing them into hard labour.  A very simple search of the Bible through a website like BibleGateway or BibleHub for the word “Canaan” is all you need to confirm the longevity of the Canaanite people.

Yet, spend a few minutes reading various articles covering the archaeological discovery this week and you’ll find very few publications and outlets who bothered to commit to even this basic level of journalistic research. Most outlets which chose to add in the Biblical angle to their reporting were gleefully happy to conclude that this most recent archaeological discovery proves the Bible wrong, explaining something along the lines of “this archaeological discovery proves the Canaanites, in fact, survived God’s genocidal agenda” – something the Bible itself already explains, and a line of thinking which is inherently flawed.

Those very same publications willing to so undermine their factual integrity are often the very same ones leading the charge for high-quality journalism in a world of “FAKE NEWS” and out-and-out lies being peddled by conservative, Republican, and the occasional far-left outlets. These same publications decry the lies being spouted from the White House, cringe at the unfiltered bias of Fox News, and rail against their competitors who seek to sway public opinion by publishing mistruths, conspiracy theories, and deception.

However, it seems that, when it comes to the Bible, all bets are off. Those same publications publicly advocating for journalistic integrity are more than willing to commit the same sins they accuse others on the slim chance they can undermine the veracity of the Bible – a historical document with greater textual evidence than most any other historical text and one that has been proven historically and archaeologically accurate more times than I can count.

Author’s note — Yes, this is a similar article to the one  I published for Relevant Magazine soon after the news broke.